Welcome to the Workshop

AKA my living room floor. Where every detail is carefully crafted and designed with you in mind. All RLC products are made from genuine leather, cut, sewn, and finished by hand. Inspired by your everyday East Coast style, RLC aims to bring high quality goods that can take you anywhere and celebrate all of life’s moments.


With Love, From Your Crafter

I love to create. I pretty much always have. Whether it was practicing my stitching at my grandmother's house when I was a kid or telling my parents I needed a full jewelry workshop in my basement, I always had a project. I turned these hobbies into a career in product management in the fashion industry, but the crafts never stopped. After college, I made my life long dream come true by moving to New York City and working for a luxury handbag designer. There I learned all about handbag and small leather goods design and construction. I learned about the tanning process and fell in love with the craft and quality of great leather goods. Throughout the product creation process, we threw out a TON of leather. I was only there a year but could not stop thinking about all the things I could make if only I knew how. I moved back home to Boston and I knew I had my next project. I spent 4 years watching endless YouTube videos, stitching all hours of the night, messing up and starting again until I got it right; all from the living room floor in my 3 bedroom apartment. Shout out to the multiple roommates who allowed that! Lots of wine, hours of Friends and Sex and the City, and more needle stabs than I care to admit, all led me here: Rizzo Leather Co.

-xo Rizzo